Who We Are:

AJaberAbdul Hamid Jaber, the founder of Jaber for Real Estate and construction, is a dedicated businessman who worked hard to provide himself and his family the best life that he could. Since his young age of 17 he started his journey in Saudi Arabia where he worked in a transportation company. His job was to transport goods from one country to another. By the age of 26, he did a fine fortune which is when He decided to return to his beloved country to get married and have his own family. In Lebanon, he began a car business which opened him the opportunity to travel constantly to Germany to transport cars. By the age of 33, he went to Brazil to visit his siblings where he saw a huge profitable business in jeans. He decided to close his business in Lebanon and start a new one in Brazil with his brothers. During the years he lived in Brazil he got engaged into many construction projects and real estate market where he learned useful ideas in construction. After 15 years, he noticed that God has blessed him with a fortune that would open for him the opportunity to start his dream business which is to open his own construction company. He also noticed that his children did not learn much about their original culture and language which convinced him to start his dream business in his home country. His return to Lebanon made his children learn much about their original country and they have actually loved this change. Today, he is blessed with a beloved family and a well-studied business. Two of his children are studying Engineer while the other three are still school students. His hope is to make his construction company the best international engineering and construction company in the hand of his dedicated daughters.

Our Mission:

Abdul Hamid Jaber, The founder of Jaber for Real Estate and construction, believes that if a person must have a job, he should complete it in its best quality. Our mission is to keep this smart belief in hand because it pushes us to look for the best quality in all our projects and work. One of our main goals is to start projects that our country can benefit from. We will also try to give job opportunity for young engineers to gain experience in their majors. We are looking forward to become an international respected company and take projects in foreign countries. All we want is the best for you, us and our country.

Our Promise:

Our mission is to build something stylish and elegant. We promise to give you and your family the best quality possible at the lowest price possible. Once you chose us you will not regret any decision you make. We promise to provide an exceptional attention to detail, including our interactions between you, our much appreciated clients.